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Дръжка freely

  2. Луксозни дизайнерски дръжки


Дръжка freely
Дръжка freely, сатиниран графит, DND Martinelli
Дръжка freely, сатиниран хром, DND Martinelli
Дръжка freely, размери, DND Martinelli
Дръжка freely, черно, DND Martinelli
Дръжка freely,отваряне с лакът
Дръжка freely,отваряне с ръка

Дръжка freely

Дръжка за врата модел freely на италианската компания DND.

Впечатляваща и безотказна.

Солидна и предлагаща алтернативни начини на отваряне на вратата, особено в случаите, в които ръцете ви са заети.

Дизайн: Giulio Iacchetti


and helpful

“I like to think of the Freely handle as an object that is generous and helpful, as it can be used in alternative ways. How many times have we found ourselves with our hands full of shopping bags and needing to reach a handle? Freely offers an excellent alternative for those who don’t want to take any risks: opening a door becomes a safe and efficient gesture”. – Giulio Iacchetti

Free by definition, Freely is an open reflection on the gesture of opening a door, in response to today’s need for safety and performance. Its innovative shape leaves room for different ways of using it, taking advantage of the design that avoids gripping in favour of alternative opening methods, such as using one’s elbow.


and essential.

Freely combines a strong aesthetic impact and functional features through a perfectly ergonomic and unobtrusive shape, consisting of a single sinuous element whose central cavity constitutes its distinguishing feature. Its elegant appearance allows it to be used in any environment, both public and private.


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